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We Crush the Sky

This work functions as a transition. Most of my early photographs embrace the people in my life. My portraits celebrate the gestures and psychology of others, while the photographs in this series concentrate on me and the choices I make.

The black and white photograph bearing the title of the series symbolizes the images I have made with other people; however, my agoraphobic sensibility has affected my approach to photographing. Concentrating on my solitary interaction with the world has transformed my practice; the work examines the nuances of solitude while living in a large urban environment.
Sometimes this overwhelms me, and I have to acknowledge my inconsequential presence in the world; other times it cultivates a sense of possibility. My photographs explore this duality of solitude, using the contrast between binary values and complementary colors for emphasis. While the images use the camera’s optics and the disordered urban environment to convey a sense of chaos, they also betray an ironic quiescence. I liken this effect to swimming; fear will lead to drowning, while a relaxed approach enables floating and an opportunity to survive and appreciate the experience.
My photographs exploit the monotony of repetition that comes with life in a big city. I see the struggle and the duplicity within this environment; they are difficult yet integral parts of being human. (2014)


We Crush the Sky copy.jpg
WCTS_201311270055 copy.jpg
WCTS025 copy.jpg
WCTS043 copy.jpg
WCTS026 copy.jpg
WCTS_201311270056 copy.jpg
WCTS_201311270057 copy.jpg
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