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To prepare for the future, start by doing one thing at a time, do it deliberately and completely, by focusing on the current task, keeping a positive attitude, meditate. Put your focus into the task at hand to perform it deliberately, and take your time. Try not to move on to the next task until you complete your current one. Try to treat every moment and experience as a gift that lets you live in the moment and experience something new. On a daily basis take time to gather your credit card offers and stack them, learn to meditate during this activity and find your center around them. These credit card offers are gifts from the universe directly to your doorstep or mailbox. This means that the world has a lot to offer you.


Sometimes these universal offerings come in the form of large usually conical piles (as of hay) left standing in the field, large quantities or numbers of something, vertical pipes (as to carry off smoke), exhaust pipes of an internal combustion engine, pyramids of three rifles interlocked, structures of bookshelves for compact storage of books usually in the plural, piles of chips sold to or won by a player of poker, or a collection of data of which only the most recently added item may be removed the latest item being at the top basic operations are “push” and “pop” sometimes known as a “last in first out” construction or LIFO, and sometimes these offerings feel the same way as falling over on your skates does.


We think to ourselves as adults, why can’t I trade things around my home for other things I may need? Why can’t we be more like the Phoenicians? The Phoenicians were a commercial people. They traded metals, weapons, ostrich eggs, shoelaces, whistles, nuts, panthers, and letters of the alphabet. They invented the alphabet. They invented alphabetical order. They used these inventions for commercial transactions which were scribbled on the back of envelopes and vanished from history. (The text used here is a combination of WikiHow's How to be zen, Anne Carson's texts on stacks, and the artists hilarious views of the world and capitalism.)

Project (2015 - 2019)

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