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The Great Falls of Paterson, New Jersey or Soaps That Didn't Merge

Lesley merges old and new soap. She listens to me talk about my projects and always has something new for me to look at. It seems to me that our emotions merge and we feel at the same time. She tells me, “Not all soaps merge.”


Janet tastes soap to eradicate obsession. I did, in fact, do this. I thought the tea tree oil scented-soap smelled so good I should taste it. I thought it would bring some joy.


Marzieh places soap bars among clothes. She told me about how her aunt used to place lavender soap bars among her clothes so they would smell nice. I told her she should tell her aunt that she remembered this from childhood. I hope that my nieces listen to me when I speak to them.

The Many Great Falls of Paterson New Jer
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Kris washes his face with Dove soap. He began washing his face with Dove soap a decade ago when he met Kat and she told him to use it to get rid of his acne. 


Mario washes his hands with soap. He watched me cry in his office--I couldn’t tell him why. I knew his mother had just died. He said I should wash my hands and breathe deep. He said washing my hands would help and I knew this is what he did when things were difficult for him.

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Jason fucks himself with liquid soap. I don’t try to imagine this, but I like to think about it when I am feeling lonely and realize all I need is love. I try not to think about death, but sex is not very good after death and spirits get lonely too.

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