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Janet and Friends

Janet and Friends is a group of people brought together through friendship and art making. The table is organized by Janet Solval. The materials selected are culled from friends met at school, work, art events, and friends of friends. 

Our materials include posters, zines, prints, postcards, pins, buttons, and much more. The work ranges from photography, illustration, mixed media, poetry, image-text to comedy, tabletop role playing games, and ephemera. The participants change with every iteration, but also include recurring participants. Janet and Friends was based in Los Angeles previously and has been included in LA Pages, Los Angeles Zine And Art Book Bazaar, FAR Bazaar at Cerritos College, and San Fernando Valley Art Book Fairs. 

Participants: Adrian Kay Wong, Amy Zapata, Anthony Rios, Ariel Mazariegos, Brandon Lopez, Christian Arias, Emily Blythe Jones, Janet Solval, Jason Lipeles, Katherine Raos, Kent Rhodebeck, Kevin Novales, Kirslyn Schell-Smith, Kristopher Raos, Marcella Green, Marzieh Karimi, Nichole Gawalis, Nicolina Schonfarber, Pablo Estrada, Philip Kosčák, Rain M., Ritt Pong, Theresa Knopf, Tito Henriquez, Victor Castañeda.

Janet Solval, LA PAGES, 2018.

Ariel Mazariegos, LA PAGES at Mayras Banquet Hall, 2018.

Anthony Rios, SVF Art Book Fair, 2018.

Janet and Friends, LAZAABB (Los Angeles Zine and Art Book Bazaar), 2018.

Katherine Raos, LAZAABB at Museum as Retail Space, 2018. 

Janet Solval, LAZAABB (Los Angeles Zine and Art Book Bazaar), 2018.

Screen Shot 2023-09-17 at 10.31.28 PM.png

Amy Zapata, FAR Bazaar at Cerritos College, 2017. 

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